• Rockwell HR A / B / C Hardness Scales
  • Vickers Microhardness
  • Calibrated Test Blocks
  • Testing in accordance with ASTM E18 / ISO 6508
  • Load Cell Controlled
  • NVLAP Certified Diamond and Ball Indentors

Rockwell Hardness Tester:

  • Principle: Rockwell hardness testers measure the depth of indentation created by an indenter under a specific load, with different scales available for various materials and hardness ranges.
  • Applications: Widely used in manufacturing, quality control, and materials research across industries such as automotive, aerospace, and metallurgy.
  • Scales A/B/C

Vickers Hardness Testers:

  • Principle: Vickers hardness testers determine material hardness by measuring the size of an indentation produced by a diamond pyramid-shaped indenter under a specific load.
  • Applications: Ideal for precision testing of metals, ceramics, and composites in research, quality control, and forensic analysis.

Shore Hardness Testers:

  • Principle: Shore hardness testers measure the resistance of flexible materials to indentation using a spring-loaded or sharp-pointed indenter.
  • Applications: Commonly used for testing rubber, elastomers, plastics, and other soft materials in industries such as polymer processing and manufacturing.

Microhardness Testers:

  • Principle: Microhardness testers evaluate the hardness of small or thin samples using precise instruments and low loads.
  • Applications: Used in microstructure analysis, quality control of thin films, coatings, and semiconductor materials.

Durometer Hardness Testers:

  • Principle: Durometer hardness testers determine the hardness of materials by measuring the depth of indentation using a spring-loaded or sharp-pointed probe.
  • Applications: Commonly used for testing the hardness of rubber, elastomers, and plastics in material processing and product development.