A leading global provider of steel and steel related products to the nuclear, industrial and commercial building industries.



Centrally located near Omaha, Nebraska, we opened our doors in 1992, servicing commercial and bridge fabricators and providing a wide range of structural fasteners to customers around the globe. In 2003, Lincoln Structural Solutions restructured with a rebuilt quality program to support the supply of safety related materials.  We have been providing dedicated (NQA-1,10 CFR 50 App B) and upgraded (ASME Code) structural, bolting, and manufactured product ever since. 


It's the little things that count.

Nuts. Bolts. Fasteners of all kinds. These are the little things that ensure skyscrapers, bridges and power plants remain strong for generations to come. But it's little things like providing free certifications and electronically tracking orders that really make a difference.

At Lincoln Structural Solutions, we specialize in little things. We have the high-quality nuts, bolts, anchors and fasteners you need and the unmatched customer service you want. And we strive to ensure your order arrives on-time, every time. Contact us today for a free estimate, and let us help make your next project a big, big success.



Fulfilling our customer needs by offering a wide range of products meeting a wide range of standards while intergrating quality into every aspect of the business is how we operate.   

Based on customer feedback we expanded our scope of supply to include not only steel and fasteners but to include the accessories and supports that go with these products, such as gaskets, pipe fittings and hangers, assemblies and made to print parts.  We aim to make it easier on you, our customers.  

Our quality program complies with:

  • NQA-1

  • ANSI N45.2


  • DOE O 442.1A

  • 10 CFR 50 APPENDIX B

  • 10 CFR 21