Structural Steel Shapes

Grade Carbon Silicon
A36 up to 3/4” thick 0.25% 0.40%
A36 >3/4 – 1 ½” thick 0.25% 0.15-0.40%
A36 > 1 ½ - 2 ½” thick 0.26% 0.15-0.40%
A36 >2 ½ - 4” thick 0.27% 0.15-0.40%

Channels and Angles: Structural steel channels and angles are used for bracing, framing, and support in building construction and industrial applications. They provide stability and reinforcement to structures and are available in various sizes and configurations.

Beams: Structural steel beams, also known as I-beams or H-beams, are widely used for load-bearing applications in building construction and bridges. They provide excellent strength-to-weight ratio and are available in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different design requirements.

Columns: Structural steel columns provide vertical support for building structures and are typically used in conjunction with beams to form frameworks. They are available in various shapes, including H-shaped, square, and circular sections.

Structural Tees:

Structural tees, also known as T-sections or T-bars, have a "T" shape with a vertical stem (flange) and a horizontal top section (web). They resemble the letter "T" when viewed in cross-section.

  • Structural tees are commonly used as support beams or columns in building construction. They provide vertical support and distribute loads effectively due to their T-shaped profile.
  • Roof Trusses: Structural tees are used as components of roof trusses to support roof loads and provide stability to the structure.
  • Bridge Construction: Structural tees are used in bridge construction for supporting deck loads, railings, and other structural components.

Structural Zees:

Structural zees, also known as Z-sections or Z-bars, have a "Z" shape with two flanges (one on top and one on bottom) connected by a vertical web. They resemble the letter "Z" when viewed in cross-section.

  • Purlins and Girts: Structural zees are commonly used as purlins and girts in metal building construction. They provide lateral support to roofing and wall panels and help distribute loads evenly across the structure.
  • Mezzanine Floors: Structural zees are used in mezzanine floor systems to support decking and provide additional space for storage or office areas.
  • Industrial Racking: Structural zees are used as components of industrial racking systems for storing palletized goods in warehouses and distribution centers.